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  • OK - I've now loaded the Beta version and it appears to recognise Bold fonts, so I'll go with that for a while. (If I have any issues, I can always have my old MacBook ready as a backup for live services.) Before I loaded the Beta, I compared all th…
  • I have tried both Arial and Helvetica to no avail. I can select bold in other apps (e.g. Pages). Also, the font selection in OpenLP doesn't show a separate bold version of the font. I have also tried reloading the Standard Fonts (in the Font Book …
  • @JohnM - thanks for your response. I rather suspected that would be the case.  I am going to create a separate folder for the images I use, with titled and plain copies of each image, and will just have to edit the titled ones as needed. On the plu…
  • Just to clarify, if I do this ... 1. I assume that all slides restrict their theme (i.e. images, defined areas etc) to this redefined area.  (This is not a problem) 2. However, does OpenLP then put anything on the second monitor outside this area,…
  • OK Thanks.  I will look forward to that.