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  • Thanks. Have given it a go and am waiting to find how the team member finds the Themes I've generated.
  • Can't even follow any of the links in the online manual to find out about file formats.
  • @JohnM Thanks for the information. How stable is the current beta? And how would I go about accessing it, through GitLab? If others within our church continue with 2.4.6 and I elect to go with the beta, will we be able to share our config, etc?
  • Thanks for the information. Has 2.4.6 been around for 4 years? When is the next release anticipated? Is it worth downloading a beta version, or better to wait for the next release?
  • I have resolved the issue. I have three monitors, two at 1920x1200 and another at 1280x1024. I have created the Theme to be displayed on one of the first two, but it was displaying on the third. My guess is the text was therefore below the display a…
  • The <properties> tag is definitely missing. Is there a formal schema against which I can compare the whole of the XML? Would that be an EasySlides schema, or an OpenLP schema and, if the former, is that EasySlides v4 or v5?
  • The authors in the XML now look like: <authors><author>Ian Smale</author></authors> Still not getting them coming through.
  • No, like this: <Author>Chris Tomlin &amp; Jesse Reeves</Author> In EasySlides it is a single field where you can enter one or more names As long as the tags are case-insensitive, I guess I could do a search and replace for: "<…
  • Should say I am on a home network with a wired connection to the router.
  • Have just discovered the latest build is 2.1.5, even though http://openlp.org/en/download links to 2.0.5! This has got beyond the dialog box, though there are two "English" options with no indication of which is which, other than "10 …