Hi there, what are URL are you using in your browser? To view chords I am using ip-address-of-openlp:4316/chords


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  • @milon all the plugins are showing as enabled
  • I agree with @milon too. I convert videos to MS compatible avi and they play flawlessly
  • @tomass Just been looking more into the openlp/plugins/remotes/lib/httprouter.py file with regards to extracting the title information from the live display. Have discovered that using /api/controller/live/text can extract the song text but it doesn…
  • @tgc thanks. @milon I am using the development build. It works fine on a Ubuntu machine at church, but the Pastor uses a windows machine at home, hence the need for the development build for windows. For the meantime can do all the setting up for th…
  • @tgc I have just downloaded and installed the windows build, when run it it throws up a error about been unable to execute the script openlp-run. I suspect it is due to the PyQt libraries not been installed on Windows?
  • @tgc thanks. Will have a look at that later 
  • @STEPHANVS That is a great idea. I should have thought of that method.
  • @tomass @tgc I just thinking that it wouldn't be too difficult to have a python script to go remove the formatting tags and leave just the chords, but whether it is as simple as I am thinking as I am assuming would need to read in the songs from the…
  • @raoul I know these things will happen with trunk, was just raising in case it hadn't been picked up on. Having said that the chords branch before merge is working really well, so will hold back on putting a more recent revision on the machine we ar…
  • @tgc That is wonderful news, well deserved with all the work you have dedicated to the project  :)
  • @tgc Yes, that is now working fine. We have been using it in our services so far is running very stable, did have a issue with the Linux installation itself but OpenLP itself is running great, been able to play videos on the projector direct from Op…
  • @tomass thanks for letting me know, it not a urgent one for myself as the LCD display is just a option I am exploring
  • @tomass Was any progress made on this?
  • @quincysw you're welcome
  • @tgc thank you, will bzr it down later :-)
  • @Timber I have a potential solution for this, I had a presentation running at the weekend and to get round this issue I called the slides using letters rather than numbers E.G. Slide A,Slide B,Slide C etc. and that puts them in the correct order. O…
  • You need to scroll down the page to the Bibles section but here is the direct link to the NIV download :- http://www.opensong.org/bible-modules/NIV.zip
  • Hi there, have you not upgraded to V2.4.6 ?  if you visit this site you can download a NIV bible for import into OpenLP :- http://www.opensong.org/home/download You may need permission to use it though 
  • @tgc here are a couple of the lines causing the problem :- I[C]'ve got [C]my mind m[C/]a[G]de up 

 I[D]'M NOT MOVED BY WHAT I SEE HALLE[F]LUJA[C]H I tried removing all the chords except the one before the apostrophe and it is st…
  • I will do so when get home :-)
  • @tgc just going through the songs we are using and it seems that if have an apostrophe in a word e.g I'M it gets shown as I - 'M if there is a chord immediately before it. If I remove the chord it displays correctly 
  • @tgc Just tested build 2661 with the song that was problematic.-It importred perfectly this time. So looks like can mark that has problem solved :-)
  • @tgc will have a look and let you know if to works
  • @tgc seems like we are heading in the right direction by identifying the possible cause.
  • @tgc Have just found this on the songbeamer forum about the encoding of the *.sng text file, would this have any impact on the import? SongBeamer accepts 4 encodings for sng files: ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode, Big-Endian-Unicode.  When reading a *.sng fi…