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  • @JohnM Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I will try those and look forward to the arrival of the next version.
  • @JohnM Thanks for your quick response. Version is 2.4.6. I'm not using transitions between slides. Yes, cellular data would have been turned on (it usually is). I am using the Android app from the play store running on a Samsung Galaxy A50. Hope t…
  • @raoul No, I only mentioned the servicemanager folder because it is referred to in the error message. I am not touching it other than to check what it contains. @JohnM I will have to pay more attention to what I'm doing leading up to the error. Ty…
  • @JohnM Thanks for your explanation - not that I really understand it :-) Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but can you please the following behaviour. In my original post I explained how I sometimes use a service created on a different laptop …
  • That's brilliant, thanks fiveofsix. OBS is doing exactly what I want. Thanks again.
  • @JohnM Thanks so much, that's worked perfectly.  In such excellent software I knew that functionality had to be there somewhere.
  • @raoul Any idea why that would be?  I can open MS PowerPoint and it closes quickly as a stand-alone application.  As mentioned above, I have observed that when the laptop is connected to my home wifi network OpenLP closes normally.  If I turn off wi…
  • @JohnM To answer your first question, yes I do save services but not to the default location.  I have a folder on the desktop.   However, your comments about the media directory may have given me the answer.  I have media (images for Themes etc) sto…
  • I've grabbed  the log file again.  Hopefully this one will be more informative.  In case it helps, someone suggested to me to delete the files in the Windows Temp folder.  After doing that OpenLP shut down quickly for a few days but is now back to d…
  • Hi raoul, Here is my log file.  Please let me know if you need any OS or other information. The last time I closed OpenLP it took approx 80 seconds from clicking the Exit OpenLP button until it closed. Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
  • Thanks ninjakiwi, that was exactly the problem.  As soon as I changed the church wifi from Public to Private everything worked perfectly.  Thanks so much for you help.