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  • this is a much needed feature. other similar programs can play dvds. as you alreay support vlc or other programs to play video files it should not be hard to wright openlp to play video.
    in Play DVD Comment by Mickeyj4j May 2014
  • i wonder if you could add support for an external application that could run pdf files. like you do with powerpoint, libreofice, and vlc atm.  you could use msoffice, libroffice, both cross platform.   or on windows the free powerpoint viewer and on…
  • vrs split still does not work properly even in the latest 2.0.3 i have to use seperate vrs chorus splits. which is not ideas at all and is confusing. a vrs split should split where it is. not where the theme thinks it should be.
  • OpenLP can import directly from easy worship now. File>Import>song then navigate to C:/Public/Public Documents>softtouch>easyworship>database>songs then vlc
  • i still feel that search by topic is a must. or why else would there be a reason to add topics to a song it seems pointless to have them without the ability to search them. 
  • This still is not fixed. Why have the ability to add a topic to a song if you cant search it. eg i would like to have a topic for Christmas, Easter, communion, worship, praise, peace, Joy, etc and have them searchable. oh my this would be a great fe…
  • I am wanting to know how to change the area locations so that i get 4 lines per slide instead of the usual. i don't wan't to change the font size.  any ideas on this please.  we are now a year after the last post here and a few versions later and st…
  • * Song catogries: okhow to add a catorgy to songs them please.  * you can import songs from many formats already from your menu. general sxt, easyworship, opensong etc. so as i can already select songs file types why cant i do this for folders, kind…