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  • Any ideas about other things that I should cover in the videos?
  • Most of your ideas sound good although I think, from how you describe them, that you might find that they are already in OpenLP. You can already do bold, underline, italic, superscript, subscript and colour by highlighting the text, right clicking a…
  • The link will work.Someone should probably update the wiki then.
  • Was this after you had written a post and pressed the submit button?
  • I have uploaded new versions of the videos I had that should have better endings so a less abrupt ending than before.
  • Sorry I have been gone for a while but I now have a lot of spare time to work on the videos.With your recent blog about OpenLP 2.2 release I thought it would be good to have the videos ready by then so they could go with the new release.
  • I will try. I am a little busy at the moment but I will try and do some more stuff in a few days time.
  • Which driver are you using with the ATI card?
  • I have had a problem like that when running OpenLP on Xubuntu on a laptop with intel graphics (pre-intel 4000 series graphics, intel 3150 I think was using). And that messed up everything when ever running OpenLP with a second monitor. I found reduc…
  • What sort of computer is it?
  • LO has a remote app for impress that you could use.
  • I find it is easier to load the presentation in LO or PP and then just use the show desktop feature to show the presentation.
  • So your theme level is set to service level?
  • On the thread about unofficial iOS app this problem is discussed. The recommended solution there is to use google chrome for iOS as there is apparently an issue regard…
  • Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense.
  • I was more thinking rather than having the overhead of making a video stream of the browser tab that you are casting just have the chromecast pull the html page from the server that OpenLP runs.
  • I know that easyworship plays powerpoints very nicely within the program its self although how that is achieved I don't know.
  • At my current church we run powerpoints using MS powerpoint and use the go to desktop feature in OpenLP to show them when required and then just toggle OpenLP's display back on top of the presentation when required which works quite well particularl…
  • I think that openlp just pulls the image from where it is stored on your computer so if it is in you pictures folder then the images stays in the picture folder and openlp just makes a thumbnail for its own use. It is possible to run easyworship on …
  • If you install linux on the chromebook or run linux in a chroot environment on a chromebook you should probably be able to run openlp on a chromebook. It might be possible to get openlp running in google chrome NaCL (Native client) but at the moment…
  • Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. Here are the answers to your questions;I am using Ubuntu 14.04.Running on an intel 4400 graphics card (The laptop also has a nvidia graphics card 750m as well).I am using the intel card to run OpenLP on so am …
  • This is the contents of the logfile.
  • LibreOffice 4 worked for me with OpenLP on windows 7 (although it didn't work as nicely as it does when using it on linux) but it doesn't work when I am using OpenLP on linux, specifically Xubuntu.
    in Libreoffice 4 Comment by Scio March 2013