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  • During a live service, at the end of the song, simply press the fullstop key to blank the screen.  Then, when you are ready to start your next song, just press fullstop again to un-blank the screen.
  • Hi Etienne, I use a program called sqlitebrowser to get my list of songs into an Excel spreadsheet ( (1) I drag and drop the OpenLP songs database file (songs.sqlite) onto the sqlitebrowser program (2) In sql…
  • I've been waiting a while before upgrading - too much Olympic sport to see on the TV!  Now, having read about this display area problem I am not sure about upgrading; the display area not working sounds like a serious handicap.  Am I right to stick …
  • Sounds very useful.  Thank you for sharing this.
  • For bible verses, the default background is set using the menu option: Settings > Configure OpenLP > Bibles
  • It works!  Thank you.  Thank you Raoul for excellent clear instructions and thank you Andreas for a very practical tip.
  • We have a large collection of Word documents on a computer, one document per song. Someone copies and pastes the required documents into a service sheet and then prints half-a-dozen copies of that service sheet.  I like what Martin has in mind, it s…
  • Out of interest, in churches that use OpenLP, how are folk preparing their printed song sheets for those who need printed sheets?
  • The software team are doing a brilliant job, very well done to everyone, but I do want to wave the flag for fixing the print service problem:  There are a few folk who cannot see long-distance and so cannot see projected songs and they do appreciat…
  • Well, my computer operator colleague installed v1.9.10 and his "No Disk" problem disappeared.  Tick V.G. :)
  • Is there a solution to this yet?  One of the computer operators at my church has very recently installed OpenLP 1.9.9 onto his Win XP home computer but whenever he tries to run the program he gets this error message. He has asked me to pop round his…
  • Thanks. Have a great weekend.
  • Many thanks everyone for your tips. I will try it out on a couple of different laptops, to see what it looks like. You've given me more to think about. Greetings for Easter, Steve