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  • This can be looked at for the next release. To paraphrase your requirement "you want a quick way to go from Live to Service to allow the selection of another item"
  • The Fedora version of OpenLP does not work with LibreOffice or OpenOffice at present.  This is bug has only recently been fixed. Version 1.9.9, which is released next weekend will work fine. Can you wait for that or do you need a quicker fix?
  • Where in the line is the [---]?  This is a logic split and only used if the song does not fit on a page.  If should be hidden from the output though. Where is it displayed? Verses are added with tags like [---Verse 1a---]
  • Did you have it working under 1.9.7 then update to 1.9.8?
  • This is possible today in a not so obvious way. It is possible to copy a Song and clone it which creates a full copy of the song.  This can then be used to create a specific version of the song without the need to change to "master" versi…
  • OpenLP only knows about files coming from the Media Managers.  If Powerpoint controls the link then OpenLP does not know about it and will not save it as part of the service. To save the audio file we would need to read the powerpoint presentation …
  • That is comeing hopefully towards the end of January but it will depend on an upgrade to then next stable release.
  • Custom slides can be made to loop.  When you make the live there is a timer which controls the slide advance.  This makes the slides go the the end or loop forever. Different backgrounds is not possible.  If you want this then I would suggest using…
  • Version 1 did this but if you need a blank line in a slide how do you do this. The solution was non visible characters which was a mess. This way you get what you see.
  • Do you have a firewall running on your desktop and if so have you opened a hole in it for the traffic? OpenLP runs on a non standard port so it is more than likley that you will need to handle this.
  • From a users perspective I think having two boxes is the bext way. Audacity is a great way to record the service we use it with no issues. If you placed record inside OpenLP, then it would need to either interface with Audacity or duplicate Audaci…
  • Version 2 is a complete re-write of version 1 some of the implementations are different. Service files are completely self contained as once they have been saved then can be moved to different machines and opporating systems.  This means the path m…
  • You can change the font size for the bible theme.  Or do you want to have a different font size when you have dual bible verses on the same slide?
  • Alternate Title is only available in the 2.x code base to cover songs which have more than 1 title.  Are you sure you are using 1.2.9?
  • This is not as simple as that as the verses are stored in an XML document in the database.  The tags you refer to are attributes of the XML document so simple SQL will not help.
  • Can you use the Bible plugin to generate the verses, why are you using a song? It is possble to select odd verses and make a single service item with 1 verse per slide.  The manual has details of how to do this.
  • The first problem is not easy as you need to know about an already running program and pass control to it.  This would also need to work across operating systems. The second request is being implemented in a set of drag and drop improvements which …
  • Did you use the windows installer? I have just added openlp-1657 to a W7 64bit machine and had no problems,  I had installed Powerpoint viewer and LibreOffice first so this may have already done the install.  
    in msvcr80.dll Comment by TRB143 June 2011
  • Which version of OpenLP are you using?
  • Which version of OpenLP are you using?
  • OpenLP v2 documentation should help better than the wiki. should explain all!
  • It is not possible to have a live copy of a video. This is because the player only has a single output and that is no the main screen. I should be possible if you use Phonon as the display to display timing but if one uses Webkit is this very diff…
  • If you edit a song in the service manager it will update the song in the song plugin unless you imported the song from a different manchine and do not have the "Add missing songs on import" selected.
  • Has the details of how to add the plugins
  • There are no database changes between beta1 and the current version.  It any were introduced we would add a blog entry as a warning. I am not sure about templating as we would need to intoduce a template engine.  It depends on what you want to do. …