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  • @raoul Thanks for the update. Sadly my coding skills are very limited otherwise I would have looked at helping out.
  • XAPBob, funny you should bring this up since I was revisiting this again last night and had forgotten about my post here! Sadly the answer is no which is a real shame. Part of me thinks it ought to be possible with either MIDI or OSC calls. I cu…
  • Hi, Great to see the new beta. However, I'm having problems getting it going on my iMac running macOS 10.15.7. When I try to start the software I get a warning saying "There is a mismatch between screens and screen settings. OpenLP will try …
  • Thanks - I was aware of that post but it seems to be from MIDI to OpenLP rather then the other way.  
  • Thanks.  What I find interesting is that  a) I don't see it in stage view b) The effect seems to imply some buffering is going on somewhere in live view.  This is because what we see is that if the slide is progressed, the attached browsers do updat…
  • Thanks for the clarification.  The snapshots work fine for my requirements.  However, is there anyway for forcing the browsers to consistently do a refresh as the snapshots are updated?  As I mentioned before, in practice, I find that most browsers …
  • Raoul Thanks for the reply but I am slightly confused since Live View does seem to show the PowerPoint presentations embedded in a service.  We have successfully demonstrated it work from our Windows 10 PC onto iOS and Android phones, PCs and macs b…