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  • Hi @ninjakiwi , sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Attaching a screenshot of what I see in our live view when looking at it remotely. I'd like for the image to be centered and, if possible, change the background from black to another color…
  • @theharvestisready and @Chippie , thanks for the additional content and ideas! I had an idea about this that I'm not sure will work and I don't have the equipment handy to test it out. We have an older Apple running OpenLP projecting to the screen …
  • Thanks, @JohnM , those files worked!
  • Thank you, @JohnM! I’ll try again with these new files and will keep you posted.
  • @JohnM I am using version 2.4.6. I'm still a little leery of using OBS and introducing that additional level of complexity. I was hoping to find a way to do it using our ATEM. I was able to create a theme for the big screen and a theme for the liv…
  • @JohnM thanks for reaching out! I'm using the most recent version. The stage view that is provided with the product works fine, but I downloaded the one referenced in the user manual and then a few others from tutorials on youtube, etc. and can't g…
  • I have this same request. We also use an Atem switcher and I don’t want to change to OBS. (Plus, I haven’t been able to get the custom stages in OpenLP/OBS to work, anyway.)