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  • @raoul It worked!  Just logged in once with IE (first time I'd used that terrible browser since updating to Windows 10 I guess, haha!) and now it works with no problems.  I'm all set now, thank you so much!
  • Thanks @raoul.  Any particular reason for the "Close Window" red X being made inactive or not having a "Cancel" button available so that we can at least close the dialogue without having to end the process when encountering this …
  • @raoul Here's the link: This has been an issue for me since at least v2.4.3, though it may have been previous to that. Currently I am running 2.4.5 on Windows 10 x64. OpenLP has been installed for a couple years and …
  • @raoul Same error =/
  • @raoul Thanks!  However, I tried emailing the address above (and double checked to make sure I had spelled and formatted it properly with no spaces and the @ symbol) and received this response: Message not delivered There was a problem delivering y…
  • @raoul I've been having this issue too, even after updating to 2.4.4 and now 2.4.5. I've tried reinstalling, but even if i clear the "data" folder, it still remembers my old CCLI username and password, so I haven't quite had a full reset o…