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  • Just did my first live service with 2.9.2 yesterday. Two things I noticed. One was that the desktop background sometimes appeared for a second or so before a video starting. Not catastrophic but distracting. The second was the "Theme" …
  • Ninjakiwi, That's interesting. Do you mean that this could be added to a future release? My experience has been that themes don't scale properly between displays, and I don't recall seeing options to specify screen sizes, other than to specify X …
  • Hmm, hadn't thought of that one, but at least it means there's a common source for all. Off to do some filing.....!
  • Not sure if this thread is still ive, but I'd like to see font sizes changed automatically to fit the text box size.  That way everything will always fit but I can control where any breaks take place using Optional or other tags. This would also hel…
  • Hi, witterholt, Yes, I can close it, but OpenLP doesn't remember that and merrily presents the projector window again at next startup. And, by the way, upgrading to 2.4 seems to have broken all sorts of things without fixing the "memory" p…