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  • I installed Openlp on Kubuntu 18.10 using Discover and I got the same issue as the thread starter. Solution was to install #sudo apt install python3-distutils as described by raoul. Strange that Openlp does not list this as a dependency.
  • I am not using other antivirus than Windows Defender and there are no apps in quarantine. I did install version 2.0.5, and that worked without problems.?
  • An update. I tried uninstalling Openlp using Revo Uninstaller to wipe it completely from hard drive and install again. I still get the same problem. I also downloaded the portable version which behaves the same way.
  • Hi,  Seems like some of my problems are related to a bug using KDE plasma 5. https://bugs.launchpad.net/openlp/+bug/1404669
    in GUI Comment by dajomu November 2015
  • Hi, I did some changes to the layout in the Media Manager which I think is better use of screen estate. So even if one has a low-res monitor, mine is 1280x800, it should work fine. Please see screenshot of media manager http://postimg.org/image/6abm…
    in GUI Comment by dajomu November 2015
  • Hi all, I just want to share that things improved a bit after I did a reinstallation and moved from Kubuntu to Ubuntu. It looks better and there is not so much wasted space as in Kubuntu. For instance the search box in songs is narrower and not twi…
    in GUI Comment by dajomu November 2015
  • Or you can add all songs to a service and save that to for instance Google Drive or drop box. When you open the saved service the songs will automatically be added to the song list.
  • Thanks tgc. I see that it is quite easy to hide the Theme-manager and projector manager. thumbs up. The rest I wrote is still valid though.
    in GUI Comment by dajomu November 2015
  • Hi,Thank you for commenting Phill, Thanks for the links. I see that a couple of the "top ten features requested" is on my list as well.
  • You are trying to give some kind of rating based on subjective rating? I believe a feature comparison would be better since there might be a feature that I love and someone else hate. What I rate as an advantage you might rate as an disadvantage.A t…
    in Advantages Comment by dajomu April 2015
  • Hi, Seems like most of the time is spent trying to download latest Openlp version and failing. Have you tried to uninstall and install again? Maybe try latest beta which I find quite stable. Reg,Dajomu
  • Excellent, just wrote a reply without being logged in. It asked to log in which I did and what I wrote was lost. Trying again but a much shorter version. Edit should not lock the program to that mode. Should be able to operate in live mode even if I…
    in Edit Songs Comment by dajomu April 2015
  • Not if you need to click a button to unlock the field and make it editable.
  • Hi and thanks, I just sent an email to support and we'll see. I reply to one of the comments above; I am using Kubuntu 12.04 This is the bug report, but it might not be of any value without the file/song?   **OpenLP Bug Report** Version: {u'fu…
  • Thanks a lot! Setting the presentation status to 0 worked like a charm.
  • Hi, Libreoffice is installed yes. Yes, I have even rebooted the PC several times. Nothing works
  • Hi, I am progressing nicely migrating to Openlp, but as I move on I see that I would like to adjust my first post a bit. I would very much like to see that a song could be edited in the preview pane. Any technical reason for why this would not wor…
  • Hi! Googol: First I am sorry for being rude and I'll try to behave better :) MrGamgee: you wrote: "there are many aspects of the vurrent interface that are superior to your suggestion." May I ask; which ones? mhalbrook: I agree using ta…
  • I think it is OK to have information on seperate tabs as well, but I would like to have all mandatory fields on one tab. In other words, move the author field box to the first tab and I'm good. It would be great to mark all mandatory fields as such.
  • Thanks for helping out... I hadn't created a theme so.... (Image)