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  • Notes sounds like a neat idea. :) Dave
  • Portable would be cool...not sure how hard they are to make? As tech. increases probably going to become less and less necessary in most developed countries (due to ubiquitous internet) but will be useful in developing countries for some years to co…
  • Hmmm.... A web interface sounds great. I could see this (synchronization) occurring in a few different ways, from simple to complex: 1. Easiest is probably to create a small ftp client in openlp which could be customized to send updates to the son…
  • another option here might be a small app. for smartphones - the two major ones being the iphone and any android based phone. by creating small apps and a small client one could have a full customizable menu that would integrate directly with openlp.…
  • I'm pretty excited about this. Two Bibles that you might actually be able to get as modules are the ESV and NET. I've noticed that while most other bible publishers require e-Sword, etc. to charge for their bible modules - the ESV doesn't, and the N…
  • Hmmm...maybe we should remove the 1.0 from this forum thread? I'm going to do what I can to promote openlp. I work at a Christian University and will try to spread the word there... Dave.
  • :( uhhohh...needs a new post here, for 1.2.4. ;)