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  • How to customize the script (also: an explanation of how it all works) The custom stage view that we have installed is based on the default stage view provided with OpenLP. I tried to comment everything important inside of the files themselves. Nev…
  • Unfortunately the alternate title is not fed into the stage view api. The only information the stage view can use is the one you find at http://localhost:4316/api/service/list and http://localhost:4316/api/controller/live/text. I did a little diggin…
  • Hi there, just in the last days I worked on a way to trigger OBS scene changes (or really whatever you would like) from inside OpenLP. I’m planning to post a full tutorial soon. Would you be interested? It works by having a custom slide called fo…
  • As far as I understand it, OpenLP does not pass this kind of meta-information to the stages view. All the information about the current song is sent to an api handler athttp://localhost:4316/api/controller/live/text If you want to display the infor…
  • Hallo, ich habe gestern ein Tutorial „How to display Chords in Stage View“ geschrieben, und ich denke, die Techniken helfen auch in dem Fall. Das Problem ist, dass der Stage View standardmäßig nur den Text ohne die HTML Tags (also ohne Farben, Kursi…
  • At least on my system it works only when the folder is called “stages”. The URL however still is “http://localhost:4316/stage/chords”.