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  • OpenLP 2.9.2 aka 3.0 Beta 1 won't run on my MacOS Mojave, MacBook Pro 15" mid-2014 model. After launch, nothing but the Name in top bar next to Apple symbol, and program is "not responding". Anyone else having success with Mojave? Tha…
  • Wondering when 2.5.1 will be released without the Written by" text.  Sadly, this single issue makes the 2.4.x versions unusable for us, as our songs do not use that field, and it spoils the template. We have no copyright issues. Thanks  Geoff
  • Is there a way to edit/remove "Written By"?  It is unnecessary and ugly for us.  We use original songs and don't want to display the composer in equal merit as the Title.  PLEASE, an option to hide this line would be very much appreciated,…
  • In the meantime, is there a file in the app that I might edit to remove the "Written By" text, or change the font size?
  • Thanks Azaziah, that will be great.   Raoul, it does not seem possible to adjust the "Written By" line - either font size or text.  Please let me know ASAP if I am mistaken. Thanks, Geoff
  • "Written by" is too large, being in the same font size as the Song Title. The song's meta data should be configurable in font size and position. "Written by" is unnecessary in our situation, and not needed or wanted at all. M…
  • Is there a way to temporarily hack the Theme so to remove the 'written by' text?  (on a Mac) Thanks,Geoff
  • Thanks for the reply. May I request that this feature (option to not include 'written by') be included in an upcoming release ASAP?  Also if that field could have the option to resize the font, that would be ideal. Thanks!Geoff