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  • Since Version 2.0 is released, I would like to bring up this topic again. Now there are also webservices like planningcenteronline.com.  We are still using an improved version of our web interface, but not yet as a centralised database for songs. …
  • Wir bräuchten auch die Möglichkeit Lieder zu synchronisieren. Momentan (Songbeamer) synchronisieren wir die Textdateien mit Teamdrive, würden aber gerne davon wegkommen. Gerade wenn man einen Master-Rechner hat, aber auch Notebooks als Slaves einse…
  • Does this mean it is planned for a version after 2.x? This would be great, because I have the impression, that this feature is used/needed widely in non-english speaking countries...
  • Hi, today I noticed, that this is the only missing feature, which blocks our migration to OpenLP 2.0. Will it be implemented in the future?
  • I would need the same feature.
  • No. Actually I want to use version 2.x of OpenLP. So writing an external application has some advantages: It is not specifically for OpenLP, so it can also be used for ChangingSong or another OpenLyrics-compliant application. Do you plan to develop…
  • We also think about adding a online presentation feature to the webinterface. Maybe songserver can be adapted for this.
  • Hi gushie, OK, I will report on the mailing list for v2 bugs. You're right. They are upper case. That's a bug.
  • Yes. Notes are very useful.
  • Hello Dave, you made the point. I agree with you. Here are some screenshots. Sorry, they are in german, but that can be changed. http://picasaweb.google.de/Siegwart.B/ScreenshotsWebinterface?authkey=Gv1sRgCPXk3baVhbHGzgE&feat=directlink
  • Our church has the same issue. At the moment we use a proprietary software for song presentation. We have a web developer who has written a web interface to visualize the songs and the presentation statistics. He told me it is quite simple to enhanc…
  • OK, thank you. Is there a possibility to have a look at the current development state? Or even try the alpha builds?