Nut sure wether stick with 2.4 or 2.9


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  • I had the same problem as the original poster and your suggestion to install python3-distutils worked for me, too. Now: Couldn't you just update the Ubuntu package and make a dependency against this package?
  • Ciao Giovanni, i wasn't aware that there is no italian localization, despite of my community being german-italian bilingue. Thanks for your efford to translate the future 3.0. It will be usefull to our community, too! At least there is the CEI…
    in New Release Comment by joe November 2018
  • Given, that in a community there is 1 person knowing OpenLP very well which wants to introduce other people in the science of presenting, there are some topics that would be interesting to have a tutorial to give them: - Adding bibles to OpenLP …
  • Lo que ya puedes hacer: Si estás trabajando con Linux hay un programa que se llama youtube-dl que te permite de guardar la pelicula así que la puedes añadir como media en OpenLP (Hay otros programas para Windows que no conozco). Tiene la ventaja que…
  • Same situation here :-)
  • Well, there would be one easy way: If the Songbeamer file says #LangCount=2 then the verses are split by odd and even and are set not row-by-row, but language by language. Example: --- Vers our Father in Heaven Vater unser im Himmel --- Ver…
  • Hallo, ich selbst verwende Linux und kann dir deswegen leider nicht direkt weiterhelfen. Eine Möglichkeit wäre, es mit Libreoffice zu versuchen. Vielleicht tritt der Fehler da nicht auf. Die andere Möglichkeit: Im IRC Channel die Entwickler selbst f…
  • Falls noch jemand über diese Frage stolpert: Bibel importieren → Format: Web Download → → Bibelserver auswählen → Bibel-Liste herunterladen →Gewünschte Bibel auswählen. Inzwischen ist auch die Revidierte Einheitsübersetzung 2016 angekommen.
  • Hello, did this come to a good end? I experience the same problem as you, @_lukas so the extention you coded does not seem to be implemented yet. (I just noticed that Lukas is inactive since >2 years. Did he commit, @tgc ?)
  • Of course: This is the version which does not work for me: This is the corrected version where I inserted 2 lines:  I changed the text for copyright reasons, but the number of the…
  • Yes, I logged i n as Ibindrseppl. Now, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Yesterday I wasn't able to get into the room, today after turning on the PC i was in again. To me it looks impredictable.
  • Uh, that explains a lot. Thanks. Any prognostics when the next release is going to launch? Weeks? monts? years?