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  • Wonder if a cleaner solution would be to use the "Live view URL" both vMix & OBS allow you to have a "browser" input. The only problem is the main screen still displays on a second monitor unless you click on "Show Deskt…
  • I just sent a quick donation via bitcoin, looking at the activity it has not been used for over a year. Is this still valid or do I need to stop the transaction before it gets confirmed? Thanks
  • To display the song number in matches it looks like I just need to add a reference to song['ccli_number'] in the on_search_found_song function (in the file openlp\plugins\songs\forms\ ) My guess is to fix the search would be someth…
  • We will be using the stage view for the stage, so probably not going to be an option. Having a quick look at the source I think I will be able to easily hack the "Print Service" to add a checkbox to include the words for songs and readings…
  • We are looking at making the change across to OpenLP from Easyworship. We have been using EasyWorship 6  for just over a year and are keen to be able to control our slides from mobile devices. The $500 price tag for version 7 got me thinking of alte…