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  • Be sure you are using the 32bit version of VLC
    in Bug Comment by josten February 19
  • Hi tgc! Ok, Thank you for the answer.
  • Hi Tgc Hopefully you are able to get a new source file ready before the next release. For the songs-settings I have translated the string and released the translation with Qt and the translation exist in the nb.qm file but do not appear in OpenLP …
  • This is still an issue in OpenLP 2.1.5
  • The problem solved: I believe the problem was the font settings in the Theme edit pane. It was ticked for outline. And the font color setting was wrong according to the background.
  • The {u} tag is not working for me. Is there something wrong in the code? Windows 8
  • Hi! We have a safe database at the church so if I could be able to uninstall the program totally from the computer with all settings. Then reinstall from scratch hopefully it would be up and running again. I do not like to work into the registry fi…
  • I understand it was bad idea to try the one night build. And what your are saying, googol is it that my database is damaged and not able to recover? Josten
  • You have to start the video not in OpenLp, but with a media player of your choice that are able to play in loop. I have used VLC. Then you can put the "transparent" song on top. This is a way around, since OpenLp are not able to do this at the momen…
  • LjWhat do you have problem with? Are you able to do the transparent theme? Or do you have problem to get the video up and running? josten
  • Hi Lj It have told so as long as I have used OpenLp long before version 2 var released. I just installed version 1.9.12 and the transparent theme are working fine.  I was also told when I started OpenLp that I was running version 1.9.12 and the …
  • I believe it is/was a way around: Make a transparent theme for the text and use a media player to play the video in the background. You have to go back to version 1.9.12 as the transparent theme is not working in version 2. I have done this to put N…
  • That would be nice. If the information in the topic field was searchable then we have a better reason to put information into that field and we have a tool to group the songs into topics.