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  • Can you try removing the colons?  For example, Try VERSE 1 instead of VERSE 1: -John
  • I ended up finding a different date value in the API that is always the same regardless of the user's time/locale configuration.  The fix is available in the 0.4 release of the planningcenter plugin at:…
  • Hi, fkrol, I used the date format in the code that my planning center sends me. Your date string is different than mine. To fix this, I’ll either need to use a library that automatically parses arbitrary date strings or find a date string settin…
  • No, I haven't tried olp-yt.  Let me know how the planningcenter plugin works out for you.
  • I see now.  That's not actually the plugins directory.  That is the local data storage directory for the plugins, but not where the source code is stored for the plugins. You are looking for the directory where the plugins source code resides.  On m…
  • Hi, Alistair, A few questions: 1.  Which version of the plugin did you use?  The newest is 0.2.1 available from (Note: this would not cause the issue you are seeing... just want to make sure you downl…
  • And... now for the 0.2 Release of the Planning Center Online Plugin for OpenLP:
 The previous 0.1 release was based off of a standalone 
utility that I wrote that reverse engin…