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  • https://forums.openlp.org/discussion/comment/15723#Comment_15723 Thank you for this info, I was able to do it via regedit.
  • in earlier version of this app. I was able to change the port number in the Remote Section. Is that still possible for this new version?
  • I did seem to recall that the current release 2.4.6 had this issue. But to answer your question yes I did not have this issue. I hookep up a second monitor and the issue was still there. When I change the value of the IP Address in the remote con…
  • Update: As I mentioned before (see post above) that I have a second laptop and the issue that I am seeing on my first laptop is not happening to this second laptop. It has the same beta 2.9.3 version and Web Remote 0.9.5. So, I tried changing the…
  • Yes, I tried it on Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox. The issue is when I use the Live URL. But on my other laptop with the same version 2.9.3, I am not seeing the issue with all the above mentioned browser. That is why I reset the laptop that is h…
  • Update: I reset my laptop, download 2.9.3 version and install. I still have the same issue. Any ideas or suggestions?
  • I was configuring the Theme on the latest Beta release. I noticed that you can now use a video as a background. But when I tried it. I can see the video but not the lyrics. Is there anything I need to do?
  • When launching Beta 2; the preview panel is always on. Even when I disable the Preview panel, re-launching the application will enable it again. In the Setting - Screen. When putting in the custom geometry values, the values are not being retained…