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  • Is there any movement on this front? I'm interested in a solution that allows me to place a countdown timer overlayed on top of a looped set of images. A countdown video will not work for us.
  • I'm seeing the same problem on Linux with version 3.0.1. Background video plays once, then ends with a white background. It will not loop. This was not present in 3.0.0.
  • Version 3.0.1 won't loop background videos. They stop at the end, and then show a white background. This is on Linux, but I've also heard of people saying this is happening on Windows as well. I didn't see this problem on 3.0.0.
  • Can the PPA be updated to support version 3.0 and the latest Ubuntu LTS? Right now, it's only got up to version 2.4.6 and only supports up to Ubuntu 19.10. I use Linux Mint, which bases itself on Ubuntu's current 22.04 LTS version (many distros do t…
  • I've noticed in both 2.9.4 RC1 and 2.9.5 RC2 that when you change slides, the stage and chord views don't update in a web browser. It only shows what was there when the page first loads. You have to manually refresh the browser to get it to update t…