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  • I did it both ways just to see what would happen. Firstly connected everything before tuning on anything. OpenLP would freeze and crash either way.
  • I had thought this possible, but it happens to be only when running OpenLP. The laptop and Win 8.1 works fine if OpenLP is not running and I only use Explorer to run a slide show or some player to run video or sound etc., AND it is only (so far) a p…
  • This may sound a bit drastic, but it could be worth the trouble to regain better control in OpenLP. I have in the past experimented with taking the PP file and (if you can edit it with PP on your computer) export it to series of image files. These …
  • Thank you Raoul for your response, maybe my comment elsewhere prompted you. I mean no offense but I have seen problems before in very good endeavours develop from lack of good communication. All I can say is that with the latest version of Openl…
  • As regards email notification. OK, I confess. I didn't read the heading properly. I was looking at Account Settings and saw a tick box for email notification. But I can see now that it is for private messages and not general posts. My mistake. P…
  • Gentlemen, I have good news and not so good news! I have managed to get OpenLP to work on the Sony notebook. I understand now that Open LP wants the screens set up as an extended desktop. The Nvidia Control Panel was trying to tell me that it …