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  • Please stop posting multiple of the same question on the forums. Everyone is busy, not everyone in the OpenLP team gets to the forums every day. Please be patient.
  • Most features that people request have not been implemented because we are a team of volunteers working in our spare time. Most of us have families and other responsibilities, and we don't have the time we'd like to develop those features. Most of …
  • Bazaar is like a simpler version of Git. This should help you with how Bazaar works: https://bzrinit.com/ Then just use the wiki to guide you through how to contribute.
  • If Zorin is based on Ubuntu and uses Ubuntu's software repositories, then you should be able to find OpenLP in your software installer.
    in Zorin Install Comment by raoul June 11
  • No. No work has been done on this.
  • This is the error message, the rest of the messages are just warnings: Segmentation fault (core dumped) Having said that, a segfault is not easy to debug. Which version of Ubuntu are you using?
  • Sorry this took so long, I've been busy  Yes it is. Make sure your Bible is selected, and click the "Edit Bible" button. This is what it looks like on my computer: Then in the "Edit Bible" window, set the default Bible language to "Applicatio…
    in Russian Comment by raoul May 17
  • @hosios I'm not sure how you installed OpenLP, because if you used the official Linux Mint repositories you should not run into that issue. Try installing the "python3-pyqt5.qtwebkit" package
  • That's not currently possible, but we'll add a feature request for it.
  • That list of book names is usually set when you import your Bible. What Bible are you using? Is it one of the ones that comes with OpenLP?
    in Russian Comment by raoul April 28
  • You can't open newer OpenLP files or databases with older versions of OpenLP. If they do work, that's not intentional. You need to use the same version of OpenLP (or newer) to open those files. I recommend using the song importer and using the "Ope…
  • @ipstone If you installed OpenLP from your package manager, you should run: openlp -l debug (that's a lowercase L) OpenLP should output where it is logging to. I just had an odd thought. How old is the computer you're using to run OpenLP?…
  • Hey Chris, Yep, we know about that error. Try this, it might help. 1. Copy and paste this as "openlp-songusage.conf": [songusage] from%20date=@Variant(\0\0\0\xe\0%\x82t) to%20date=@Variant(\0\0\0\xe\0%\x83\xe1) 2. In OpenLP, go to File -&…
  • I don't know which operating system you're using, but that message is telling me that you're trying to save the file to place on your computer that you cannot save files to. Try changing where you're saving the file to.
  • @ipstone Are you using OpenLP from the repositories (i.e. installed via apt-get) or from a downloaded version? If you downloaded OpenLP (which I guess is why you are using "./openlp.pyw"), then you need to make sure you have all the dependencies tha…
  • @ipstone the best thing to do is to generate a debug log file, and upload it here for us to look at.     http://manual.openlp.org/troubleshooting.html#linux-freebsd
  • @matthd from a couple of articles in their knowledgebase, it looks like ProPresenter just launchs PowerPoint or KeyNote for you on macOS, but then you still just control the presentation in PowerPoint/KeyNote, there's no actual integration.
  • I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but if I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like you don't have your monitors set up correctly. https://manual.openlp.org/dualmonitors.html
  • That IP address is wrong. An IP address is always 4 sets of numbers between 0 and 255 with dots in between. Some examples: * * Yours, I think, should say, not 192.168.174 (notice the extra dot in my version?)
  • I'm afraid that OpenLP does not support Mac OS X Lion. OpenLP needs 10.9 at least. Me temo que OpenLP no es compatible con Mac OS X Lion. OpenLP necesita 10.9 al menos.
  • Hey Mark, are you using VLC within OpenLP? That's usually the best option. Also, m4a files contain DRM, which is why some of them work and some don't. If you can't play the m4a file in VLC, then it contains DRM. By the way, which operating system …
  • No, it will be in the next release, which we are hoping to have out later this year.
  • Currently OpenLP is unable to use any of the presentation applications on macOS, due to limitations with these programs on macOS. http://manual.openlp.org/faq.html#how-do-i-enable-powerpoint-impress-powerpoint-viewer
  • OpenLP stores songs in an SQLite database. Just open the data folder (Tools menu), and find the "songs.sqlite" in the "songs" folder. Make sure OpenLP is not running when you open the database. Don't forget to make a backup first! If you mess up…
  • Can you show the IP address you're using? I think your IP address is probably wrong. Also, which operating system are you using?