Having retired, I'm now an extra at St Andrew's Presbyterian (Blenheim, New Zealand) and am working with our minister to get wide-spread acceptance of something other than M$PowerPoint :-)


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  • This is affecting me, too. Using Linux Mint 19 with openlp 2.4.6 and Libre Office 6.2 I can add odp and ppt presentations but as soon as I try to add them from presentations to the service I get the error: The presentation xxxx.odp is incomplete, pl…
  • I added gstreamer-opencv and that seemed to do the trick. Many thanks. I wonder if it can be included in the requirements in the package to alleviate this problem arising again?
  • Thanks. I thought it was only VLC that was required. However, can you specify which gstreamer modules/libraries are needed? I have most of them already installed.
  • :-) All good - I upgraded the distro!
  • I'd say that wifi disconnexion is not the usual expectation so look for the ability to disable it.
  • Thanks. I have set the repository, but it only offers version 2.2.1 (ppa for Ubuntu Trusty is the series for Mint 17). When I install 2.4.6-1 from deb it opens the startup logo and then stops any further activity. Earlier debs fail on dependencies. …