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  • @JohnM - it works!! Thanks so much. Sorry it's been a while - we soldiered on with kjv for a while before I looked again at the forums!
  • thanks so much
  • hmmm... I've tried both with no joy... - same error message... restarted OLP but the same thing again...
  • hmmm first - thank you so much... but second, it didn't work. I downloaded the file (16kb), put in in the folder. It came up as an option in OpenLP, but then when I went to search for the verses I got this message saying "There was a proble…
  • I am have a similar problem - Media, Preview and Theme have disappeared, in spite of re-setting and locking.  They flash up momentarily when I load up.  I will hook up to a second monitor and see if they are there!
  • Same problem - using Good News Translation I have no words, just verse numbers.  IN the message and KJV it's ok.  But we use Good News.  I upgraded to 2.4 but there is no difference
  • Hi Lane,thanks for this - where did you create the formatting tag?What I mean is, where did you insert this bit of code: Outdent od <div style="text-indent:-1em;padding-left:1em;margin:0;float:left;"> </div> ?
  • My best solution:the services are kept on dropbox.The songs etc are kept on the individual computers.  But since the projected image is different to my screen at home, any songs that need editing to fit a church then need adding to my computer at ho…
  • Hi there,this seems very strange.  I have 2.2.1, but when I go to save I only have save as type  "Openlp Service Files (*.ocz) Confused...Richard
  • Thanks!So how about this idea:On both computers I go back to the default location path.But the services and song data is kept on dropbox.That way, when I update a song, it's updated to the "central (ie dropbox) locatoin, and likewise when I upd…
  • The only thing I can think of is to have the laptop save to a different location, but then, how will everything update in sync?
  • Sorry I didn't acknowledge you reply.  I think it all came back when I upgraded to 2.2
  • Just discovered the formatting tags under right click - this is great - well done!
  • Oh you beauty!  I had not found this.  OK - what would be really nice NEXT would be to have those tags available as icons in the eidt box! But don't get me wrong - Openlp is already great, and I will use the tags!
  • Further to my last post - a different aspect of formatting is line spacing.Not everyone knows this, and I think it should go in the manual: To insert a LINE BREAKIf you want to put two verses on one screen, or divide a verse into two sections, you c…
  • Hi Raoul, Thanks for your reply. Today (as I've done before) I ejected the DVD before windows loaded and got he DVD out. For some reason all has been well since. The strange thing is that I'm sure I tried that before and it didn't work - it must h…
  • see my post under CCLI Import Broken Again - it works. Richard
  • THIS works, with a certain trickiness... The Problem:  When I first open openlp I can import just ONE song via the songselect website and copy to clipboard - and thereafter there's no resopnse to clicking the button until I relaunch the program.  …
  • re: Derek's comment above, you should see... "Select 'Lyrics -> Export' to import songs" I can't see any of this (1.2.4) - all i have is "select copy to clipboard to import song" - so the situation was better before I upgrad…
  • My experience is that with version 1.2.22 just the frame of the song was imported from Songselect and I had to copy and paste the words. Now in 1.2.24 I get the one-time copy to clipboard but NOTHING is actually imported!   The only way round thi…