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  • Hi! There's a nice program called EasySearch that exports songs from EasyWorship to text files. Check out http://www.headwest-productions.co.uk/DownloadEwSearch.htm After you've got all files out to .txt format, use openlp to import using the &quo…
  • That sounds great!
  • Hi again! I finally got the OpenLP 2.0 to work, python drives me crazy sometimes(Image) I understand if the 2.0 release is not finished yet, however, I was wondering if there will be any visible verse/chorus/whatever tags in the live view (the vi…
  • You can always program a microcontroller and record 128kB of the service (Image) Small, and doesn't require a laptop (a nerd, however), but maybe not so efficient since you'll only get about 0.3 sec  In my church we use a PC, a line-in wire from t…
  • The first point there is great! I tried the 2.0 version but something went wrong, everything looked wired (Image)   It's also a good thing you've discussed the second point. Can I add my opinion?  I can agree with you that automatically prewievi…
  • I've actually did some research about that, without even really using openlp. I really dislike easyworship (the name to begin with), so i ran across this tool easysearch. Have a look at http://www.headwest-productions.co.uk/Software.htm and I think …