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  • Solved the problem. A windows update had broken OpenLP! The windows uninstall left dozens of files scattered around and only when we had downloaded a trial (fully functional) uninstaller did it find all these rogue files. Then reinstalling OpenLP ga…
  • Thanks for the advice. I do not take offense at all. having helped users with Mac or PC problems in the past, my first question would often be - have you plugged your computer in and turned on the power! I can borrow a friend's laptop and a fresh in…
  • The formatting tags are there but do not work. Do not highlight. What can I say - inactive, dead, deceased etc etc,!!
  • This is a screenshot of a chorus of a Stuart Townend song - the chorus. When I highlight, as shown, then right-click to apply formatting then the Formatting Tags are not active.
  • Versions of OpenLP at home and church are identical versions. As I wrote before when attempting to select the various Formatting Tags, the program will not select them. Just dead!! Trying to send an image/attachment but I keep getting an error messa…
  • When I use Formatting Tags, nothing works!! Opening & closing tags are not around the selected text. i.e. select a song with a chorus, edit all, select the chorus, right click and select formatting tags, the bold, italic etc will not select. Pre…