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  • Thanks Sam that seems to have fixed the problem.  
  • Thanks I have emailed it to you.
  • Hi gushie The downloaded version of openlp works fine on the laptop with xp, and I can add new songs individually. I used the export function in openlp on the laptop that uses vista, and saved the file to my flash drive. I then put the flash drive…
  • I have this problem as well, only the error message I get is Access violation at address 673D4CDC in module 'sqlite.dll' write address 000000F4. I am trying to import songs from a laptop using vista onto a laptop using XP. Both laptops are running …
  • Hi raoul I am using an old version of powerpoint 2002 or 2003 from memory on an old T2 laptop (sorry I no longer have the laptop with me at present as somone else will be using it for the next couple of weeks.) Perhaps it is the combination of t…
  • When I try to load a powerpoint presentation I get the following error message. Access violation at address 00000000. Read address 00000000. Operating system: XP Pro vers 2002 service pack 2 Software: Microsoft Office 2000 Pro…