Hi, thank you for welcoming me. I have found OpenLp a tremendous lifesaver: Some of our meetings are currently prerecorded video. I didn't want to have a great big block of text over the worship (usually person) and rather have two or three lines lower third. I used to do this in Powerpoint: cut and paste 2 or 3 lines from word accross to Powerpoint, then record the slide forwarding then save as vide then add it to the existing video and render. Problem is, when you have something like Waymaker there are about 50 such cut and pastes. OpenLp allowed me to just add a verse code, making it a lot easier. Then I also had used Propresenter but the output from there to OBS in wasn't too clever resulting in lowres and inability to chromascreen the green away. NDI which is free is a solution but the guy who handles the mac isn't too keen on extra installs. But OpenLP with the remote browser based viewing (Settings/remote/3rd URL down, copied and used as browser source in OBS worked lovely. Forward slides on one machine and record on OBS on another, ready for putting with the prerecord. What I really like is this feature of showing the output as a browser source on another machine, besides the usual attached output. I am wondering if, whoever got that to work, could come up with something that allows the output from a screen to be viewed elsewhere in a browser. NDI does something similar but it needs an install, not easy or even possible on a smart TV (it's browser can see e.g. OpenLp output without anything added as long as it's on the same LAN), for that matter btw it would be nice if OpenLp supported live video. Neither NDI nor Spacedesk seem to be able to work with out an install.  BTW Extending a screen to another PC (rather than attached monitor) works with Spacedesk and subsequent distribution with NDI tools. Thanks, Sam


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