Feature request: Check for missing verses when songs are added to a service

We have a team of volunteers projecting for services. In the event that on a previous occasion someone has requested that one or more verses of a song are omitted from a song, and that song is later requested for another service, it can be included in the service without the projection volunteer noticing that verses were omitted until the service is being projected live.

A check for missing verses at the stage that a song was included into the service would reduce the stress on our volunteers.

This would help with the situation in the thread at https://forums.openlp.org/discussion/3669/feature-request-edit-lyrics-verse-order-for-current-service-only

Ideally we would use the 'cloning the song' workaround mentioned by GermanGospel in that post, but we are all fitting projection in with other things, and don't know who last edited a song etc.


  • Hi John, this sounds like a useful option to have, and it probably wouldn't take much work to implement it.
  • Same scenario here. A warning of some sort about unused verses would be useful. However, we have a few songs where the situation is reversed and we want to keep some verses for special occasions and generally only display a subset. A generic solution might involve separating the song (with all its verses, authors, copyright info) and how it's displayed (subset and order of verses, theme). I can imagine this being more complex to implement than John's proposed solution.
  • We omit the last verse - the one with 'Born this Happy Morning' from 'O Come All Ye Faithful', except on Christmas day, but that is the main example I can think of where we have an extra verse. If the feature was implemented we might clone it to an 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Christmas day' version, to avoid the warnings in the run up to Christmas.
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